File management

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For information on how to handle signed files, view the Document signing section.

Share files in spaces and chats

You may attach files of up to 25MB to space messages, tasks, signing requests or to chat messages. Files are attached by clicking the Paperclip icon in the reply bar, task or signing request form or chat reply bar.

Paperclip icon for attaching the files in the reply bar

Files can also be dragged and dropped onto the input field. The drop area will be indicated by a dashed line.

View of a file dragged on top of the input field

Attached files are displayed with thumbnails.

Attached file thumbnail

Clicking on the thumbnail opens the file preview in SignSpace.

File preview modal

Mouseover on the thumbnail shows the full file name, size and download icon.

Mouseover on the thumbnail of a posted file

If the message is not posted yet, the mouseover will also show a Delete icon to remove the file.

Mouseover on the thumbnail of a file yet not posted

Antivirus scanning

All the files go through SignSpace antivirus scanning after they are attached. Virus scanning process does not stop you from sending the message with the file.

Spaces display only the files which were already scanned. You will be allowed to open or download the file only if the virus scan is successfully completed. If a virus is detected, the file thumbnail will look like this.

Thumbnail of a virus infected file

This is just an indication that the file had a virus, but the actual file is already securely discarded by SignSpace and does not pose any threat to SingSpace users. The message author is informed about the situation and can upload a cleaned file. Users are not allowed to download a virus infected file.

Files view

All the files which you have attached in SignSpace or which are shared with you in spaces and chats are accessible as Files list in Files view.

Files list in the files view

The files are listed in the order of recency - the newest at the top. To search for files, enter a keyword in the search field.

Activated search field in the files list

Each file is listed in a separate line with the exception of files, attached to signing requests. The signing request files are grouped into folders. Each folder has the name of the signing request and the date of signing request creation. Before signing starts, the folder holds only the original unsigned files. Once the signing starts, the signed files for PDFs documents (or the separate signature PDF files for non PDF documents) become available in the folder; they keep being updated as each new signatory signs and the final signed files become available when all the signatories complete signing.

Document folders grouping signing request files in the files list

Clicking on the file name or the Download button will start the file download. Clicking on the Shared icon will switch you to the space where that file is located. If there is more than one space where the same file is shared, you will be able to choose from the list of spaces:
"Shared" icon displays a list of spaces where the file is shared